Special offers

What we give
 . Emotion and FUN
 . On request, flights are made in groups and not "one at a time" 5 passengers 5 pilots to be able to fly together and enjoy the flight experience in the company of your friends.


When you fly

 . Our flying area is the most famous in Europe because it flies all year round.
 . The two-seater are made every day and in all seasons.
In case of bad weather the flight will be postponed.



 . The structure requests a contribution of € 100 which includes:
 . Membership Card. Passenger insurance.
 . Complete equipment for passenger with approved harness with Air Bag protection or foam protection.
 . Helmet and any specific clothing in case of low temperatures.
 . Take-off transport with our minibuses.
 . Photos or videos in HD of the flight will be delivered on SD or DVD support.
 . For those who want to download movies or photos on their own Pen Drive and on their phone.


 . The total time of preparation plus flight is approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes.
 . The duration of the flight depends on the weather conditions at the moment. Usually it lasts 10 to 25 minutes, sometimes even longer.

 . The structure after the flight will give a free souvenir t-shirt "I too flew"

 .  A discount card to be used with partner activities, shops and local agreementBattesimo del volo, (small certificate of participation)