Num                        Time               
       Difference  in height     

Pove del GrappaCornon/Camposolagna503:001.000850(H) Hiking
Santa Felicita "Dalla Mena" (Romano Alto)Camposolagna9522:201.000800 H) Hiking
"Cavallo" path with steep and grassy stretches, comes out on the Cadorna state road
Santa Felicita "Dalla Mena" (Romano Alto)Camposolagna9532:101.000800 H) Hiking
For the pleasant meadows of Borso
Santa Felicita "Dalla Mena" (Romano Alto)Camposolagna9542:301.000900 H) Hiking Sunny military mule track that climbs to the left of the Santa Felicita waterfall and comes out on the Col Campeggia road
Santa Felicita "Dalla Mena" (Romano Alto)Croce del Termine
Cima Grappa
9705:001.7751.500(H) Long and very steep On the right staircase of the Santa Felicita waterfall, then crossroads in the woods on the left, crossroads with CampoCroce CampoSolagna road to continue to Cibara and Mount Asolone
Santa Felicita "Dalla Mena" (Romano Alto)Cima Grappa1805:001.7751.600(H) Very long and very steep - very varied itinerary On the right staircase of the Santa Felicita waterfall, then crossroads in the woods

Again on the right and on the Val dei Lebi and Val Poise road

Santa Felicita "Dalla Mena" (Romano Alto)Cima Grappa1005:001.7751.600(H) Very long and very steep It starts immediately on the right shortly after the capital and climbs steeply to Campo Croce and then on the grassy ridge of Mount Palla
Borso del GrappaCampo Croce902:001.050800(H) With some steep stretch For the pleasant meadows of Borso
Borso del GrappaCampo Croce952:001.050800(H) With some steep stretchFor the Col della Trattora
Borso del GrappaLegnarola-Camol973:001.3501.000(H) With some steep stretch  Ends on path n.100 for Cima Grappa
Madonna del Covolo (Crespano d.G)monte Colombera1043:001.450900(H) Easy with some steep sections Ends on path n.100 for Cima Grappa
Madonna del Covolo (Crespano d.G)Cima Grappa1053:301.7751.150(H) Long and somewhat monotonous It is the mule track of Covolo 'which leads to Casera Ardosetta and then climbs to Cima. The mule track can also be traveled by mountain bike
Covolo (Crespano d.G.)monte Scalare1063:001.400900(H) Hiking with steep sections Crosses the 'Covolo mule track' several times, for which it is possible to proceed more easily
Madonna del Covolo (Crespano d.G)monte Scalare1093:001.400900(H) Steep and very sunny, to be avoided in summerIt is the path of the direct route to the Front
San Liberalemonte Scalare1252:301.400900(H) Easy, wooded conn ecting pathIt starts shortly after the Tre Alpi restaurant on the left of the valley floor
LiberaleSan Cima Grappa1513:301.7701.100(H) Long and with strenuous, but not difficult, steep stretches, spectacular viewsleads to 'Pian de la Bala', head of the Val delle Mure, then a few hundred meters to the left on the road and then on the right climb to the top
San LiberaleCima della Mandria1533:001.5001.000(H) Hikingleads onto the 'Boccaor' mule track at Archeson
Pian de la BalaCima della Mandria1521:301.500300(H) Mule track, you have to pay attention in some sectionsIt is the extraordinary and spectacular connecting mule track, with several tunnels and very aerial sections with sensational views over the plain. To be used in conjunction with 151 or 153
PossagnoCima della Mandria1892:301.5001.100(H) Hiking leads onto the paved road that climbs from the Tomb to the Archeson
PossagnoCastel Cesil1952:001.100800(H) Easyleads onto the paved road that climbs from the Tomb to the Archeson
Cavaso del TombaCastel Cesil2112:001.100800(H) Hiking leads onto the paved road that climbs from the Tomb to the Archeson
Cavaso del TombaBastia, Tomba, Castel Cesil2122:001.100800(H) Hiking leads onto the paved road that climbs from the Tomb to the Archeson
Cavaso del TombaPaveion, monte Tomba2133:00870600(H) Hiking typical foothill path


Monte Grappa: naturalistic itineraries, didactic paths, historical paths
LocationName of the itinerary
Difference in height 
Rocca di ArsiéRing of Val Carazzagno
Rocca di ArsiéTour of the Corlo lake6:00300400
Chiesa Nuova San Luigi, Seren dGNature trail 'dei fojaroi'3:00600300
Valpore di Seren d.G.Environmental Education Center4:001.300500Managed by the forest of Belluno
Cima GrappaNaturalistic ring of Cima Grappa
5:001.700550From the Environmental Education Center of Valpore
Cima GrappaRidge of Solaroli from Cima Grappa6:001.770850
Col CampeggiaEducational trail open-air museum of the Col Campeggia trenches2:001.000100
Col AndreonEducational trail open air museum of the Col Andreon trenches2:001.000100
San Giovanni ai Colli AltiEducational itinerary of Col Moschin and Col Fenilon2:001.300200
Costalunga di Pove del GrappaPath of the Scalpellini2:0080050
Boccaor - Pian dela BalaBoccaor mule track, Meatte2:301.500200
Madonna del Covolo, Crespano dGNature trail 'Don Paolo Chiavacci'2:00500200'Don Paolo Chiavacci' Center
Cassanego, Covolo, AstegoNaturalistic excursion Cassanego, Covolo, Piere Rosse, Astego4:00450450Suitable for Nordic walking and mountain biking
Cavaso del Tomba
Didactic path of San Giorgio and Colle della Bastia
2:00400200Museum system of historical paths of Val Cavasia
Schievenin di QueroPath of Val Sassumà and Val Faladen3:00350350
Partially Cai path n.842
QueroExcursion to Mount Cornella and Cilladon3:00730350