Visit the city of Venice

Upon your arrival our staff will inform you to visit the city of Venice for free. Ask our staff how to visit Venice safely and comfortably it will be a fantastic day.

Venice is made up of 120 islands lying on a large lagoon, between the mainland and the sea. 
Originally the territory of Venice was occupied by stilts and inhabited by Illyrian and Venetian populations, who sought fishing and the extraction of salt.

An artistic and architectural masterpiece, Venice is the capital of the Veneto Region and one of the most visited squares in the world. An excursion to this unique city is always an extraordinary experience, a journey to discover its millenary history, its traditions and celebrations. Events like the carnival among the oldest and most popular in the world, the Cinema exhibition, attract people from all over, or the Historical Regatta, in which traditional rowing boats compete or the Feast of the Redeemer, with fireworks that are reflected on the water in front in San Marco. History and culture intertwine in museums and historic buildings, which during the Biennale are transformed into pavilions scattered throughout the city.