• Pedana delta plano altitudine m 860  di fianco ce un bar per i piloti
  • Molto semplice da camminare
  • Pedana delta plano altitudine m 860  di fianco ce un bar per i piloti
  • Ottimo per praticare in MTB
  • Si può praticare in MTB o anche a piedi

Thanks to a favorable geographical position, the stay at Aparment Conte allows you to carry out sporting and cultural activities of all kinds. The proximity to Venice, Treviso and Vicenza offers unique itineraries and rich cultural hints. The special currents that are created on the slopes of Monte Grappa allow you to perform flying activities throughout the year. The offer also includes other sports activities, all practicable in the immediate vicinity of the apartments: golf, swimming, free clymbing, rafting and canoeing.


Mount Grappa is a splendid mountain, on a rock where history, nature and tradition intertwine.
Just 2 minutes from the center, following one of the streets that lead to the top of the mountain is enchanted by a breathtaking view. Our advice is to stop by car along the road and have lunch in a "Malga" (typical farmhouse in the area) where the owners serve simple local food such as cheese, salami and homemade pasta.
Once you reach the top of the Monte Grappa historical site of the First World War, you can visit the Military Memorial, a monument dedicated to soldiers fallen in the war. If you are looking for an adventure, we recommend a guided tour with a "motoquad" , a 4-wheel motorcycle, comfortable and easy to drive, that will take you to discover the most evocative views of Monte Grappa.
To experience a real strong emotion, try paragliding or hang gliding that will make you fly in the sky above these enchanting landscapes.